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The food sector is competitive and it takes a village to grow a new business. CommonWealth Kitchen recognizes this and has established a collaborative community drawing from many sectors to incubate its members. There are many ways to get involved with CWK.

  • Specialty retailers, farmers markets, events – contact us if you want to buy our member’s products.
  • As a 501C3 charitable organization, donations to CWK are deductible to the full extent allowed by law. We already generate more than 40% of our funding from earned income, but still rely upon donations and investments to to help our members achieve their goals. Click here to Donate Now or, if you are interested in a major gift please Contact Us.
  • Food and kitchen equipment - we welcome the donation of culinary equipment and supplies.
  • Food Service, Distributors, Culinary experts, chefs – learn more about these businesses and how you can get involved.
  • Business expertise and others - our businesses welcome your services.
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  • For employment opportunities at CWK, please click here…

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