Can I Really Trust My Accountant?

Webinar: “Can I Really Trust My Accountant? Getting The Most Out of Your Numbers & Ten Common Restaurant Accounting Pitfalls” 
APRIL 13 | 6:00pm
Who should attend?: Independent restaurants and foodservice businesses such as caterers, food trucks, cafes, and bakeries
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We're bringing you Accountants 101. What questions should you be asking? How do you want your financials organized? How much should you be paying? Whether it’s reorganizing your books or getting a new accountant, this webinar will help you plan the next steps to get your financials to the point where they’re a tool and not a chore. After the webinar, we will offer one-on-one consultations to select foodservice businesses that attend the live session. In these meetings, we will review your profit and loss statements with you, looking for common mistakes and red flags. 

The webinar is part of our new Restaurant Resiliency Initiative and presented by CommonWealth Kitchen and the City of Boston in partnership with ReThink Restaurants 

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