Negotiation Pitfalls, Skills, and Strategies

Webinar: Negotiation Pitfalls, Skills and Strategies
When: June 28 | 6pm
Who should attend? Independent restaurants and foodservice businesses such as caterers, food trucks, cafes, and bakeries
Cost: FREE

Running a restaurant involves constant negotiations -- with suppliers, employees, landlords, and others. This session looks at some common negotiation pitfalls and provides skills and strategies for managing them more effectively and with less stress. The session will be engaging, interactive, and fun, providing practical tools you can use immediately at work.

Moshe Cohen has been teaching negotiation, leadership, conflict resolution, and organizational behavior as founder of The Negotiating Table since 1995 and as a senior lecturer at Boston University's Questrom School of Business, where he has taught since 2000. He has worked with thousands of students as well as companies and organizations all over the world. Moshe is a mediator who has worked to resolve hundreds of matters, and also coaches executives, managers, and individuals on negotiating more effectively. He has written numerous articles and cases, and has appeared in podcasts, videos, and interviews. Moshe studied Physics at Cornell University and has a Master's in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, specializing in robotics. After working in robotics for over a dozen years, he completed his MBA from Boston University and fell in love with negotiation and mediation. 

This webinar is part of our new Restaurant Resiliency Initiative and is presented by CommonWealth Kitchen and the City of Boston in partnership with Mei Mei.

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