July 2018

BizGrow draws hundreds Read More

Food businesses in particular are popular ventures, said Lane. To serve that demand, she said, “We offer a 13-week program called Food Biz 101 with Commonwealth Kitchen, which has participation from 60 percent women and 90 percent people of color.”

July 2018

10 trendy foods you’ll soon be seeing everywhere Read More

Sometimes flavors go in or out of fashion for reasons that are hard to explain. Why was watermelon so big last year? Why is cucumber suddenly everywhere this year? I haven’t the faintest idea. It feels very ’90s, like Bath and Body Works cucumber melon lotion, and the ’90s are back in style. That is my very best guess. Anyway, you’ll be drinking a lot of cucumber soon, especially in sparkling beverages: Belvoir Fruit Farms has a cucumber-and-mint lemonade, and Found has a cucumber mint sparkling water. Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company is selling a cucumber jalapeño juice, and House of Broughton has a cucumber syrup. Bauman’s Best Botanicals has a cucumber-and-spice shrub, Health-Ade Kombucha has a new jalapeño-kiwi-cucumber kombucha, and Dry has cans of cucumber soda. Try ZuMora cucumber mint agua fresca, or GoLive probiotic water in cucumber melon. Pretend you are in a spa! That’s where people drink cucumber.

June 2018

Food delivery startup Nomsly pivots from kids' lunches to the office crowd Read More

Nomsly, a subscription-based food delivery service in Boston, was originally created to offer healthy lunches for kids. But its two founders realized that the food was really being eaten by adults at work.

May 2018

Meet Celeste Croxton-Tate of Lyndigo Spice® in Dorchester Read More

I have always loved to cook since I was a child. As I got older I began cooking for family & friends. I started my catering company in June 2006. I would make Jamaican Jerk chicken with pineapple chutney on the side to stave off the spiciness of the jerk. People would always ask me if they could buy the chutney in stores. I would always tell them “very soon”. When the recession hit in 2008 and everyone started doing potluck dinners instead of catering, I took that time to research how to get my products into stores. I created a whole line of chutneys, relishes, fruit spreads and a spice rub. I wanted to create a product that everyone could enjoy, especially those with special dietary restrictions. All my products are low in sugar & sodium, vegan, gluten free, fat free and preservative free. I use spices and cooking techniques to enhance the natural flavors of the products. I launched my product line November 2014 and started selling wholesale to some Whole Foods stores in the Boston, local cheese shops, farmers markets and my online store.

May 2018

Cute Pop-up Tea Shop Expands to Harvard Square for the Summer Read More

And another new pop-up to add to the collection: Commonwealth Kitchen, a Dorchester-based non-profit kitchen that serves as an incubator for numerous local food businesses, has taken over a kiosk in Kendall Square (300B Athenaeum St., Cambridge — near the ice rink) for at least the next three years to give companies the chance to run a temporary takeout restaurant in the space for four to six months at a time. (As a bonus, each featured business will also sell several products from other Commonwealth Kitchen businesses.) First up, the Dining Car food truck will take over the space, serving sandwiches and more. Catch it on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Note: This kiosk is located fairly close to Commonwealth, a restaurant and market, but Commonwealth and Commonwealth Kitchen are not related.)

May 2018

CommonWealth Kitchen comes to Kendall Square Read More

Openings: CommonWealth Kitchen, a food business incubator and commercial kitchen space for entrepreneurs, has a new retail outlet in Kendall Square (300B Athenaeum St. at East Kendall Street). Various incubators will serve food on a rotating basis. First up is The Dining Car food truck, known for savory sandwiches such as goat cheese with honey and truffle oil. They’ll serve lunch on weekdays from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

May 2018

Longterm Lunch and Dinner Pop-Ups to Check Out in Boston Read More

Food truck favorite the Dining Car also debuted a new, semipermanent home this week. The sandwich shop is the first resident of Commonwealth Kitchen at Kendall—no relation to Steve “Nookie” Postal’s Commonwealth restaurant on Broad Canal Way, but a retail venture from food business incubator Commonwealth Kitchen.

April 2018

Opening: Inna's Kitchen To Return To Newton Centre Read More

NEWTON, MA — After a year hiatus, it's baaack. Inna's Kitchen, the Kosher Jewish Deli which closed last April has plans to return to Newton Centre this summer. According to an update from the mother-son owners, Inna's Kitchen is going to be opening back up in Newton Centre, moving into a space on Commonwealth Ave. The new space will be takeout only. And they're not considering themselves a deli - per se - any more.

April 2018

Don’t Call it Food Waste: Entrepreneurs Turn Surplus Food into Gold Read More

Daniela Uribe grew up amongst the coffee farms of Colombia. She remembers piles of cascara—the husk of the coffee cherry—that would either be used as fertilizer or dumped in the river. Her idea lightbulb went off when she saw Starbucks offering a cascara latte, and together with her co-founders, Erik Ornitz and Drew Fink, started experimenting with cascara tea in her kitchen. Lazy Bear Tea—a translation from ozo perozoso, Spanish for sloth—sells a drink made from dried cascara, which when steeped in hot water tastes not like coffee but like a smooth black tea. Lazy Bear Tea launched in 2017 and is now sold in 30 stores in the greater Boston area, with plans for expansion.

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