January 2018

Making, Scaling, and Inclusion Read More

Commonwealth Kitchen in Boston, Massachusetts (pictured right) baked equity and equitable economic development into its mission statement, which is to lift up local food manufacturers, and today 70 percent of its 50 members are minority- and/or women-owned businesses. Seventy percent of the 150-plus employees supported by these companies are also people of color and/or women.

January 2018

Wish List: No Excuses Read More

Stick to your healthy-eating resolutions this year with a little help from these gadgets and snacks.
December 2017

Buenas Read More

Nearly every inch is occupied at CommonWealth Kitchen in Dorchester on a Tuesday morning in early fall. Tucked into a niche among storage shelves in a back room Melissa Stefanini, 32, and Sebastian Galvez, 35, co-partners in Buenas, sit at a small round table peeling sticky labels off sheets of paper backing and affixing them to jars filled with their vibrant green chimichurri.

December 2017

HBS Startup Lazy Bear Tea Lowers Food Waste By Brewing Coffee-Based Tea Read More

“So, what’s your technology?” Drew Fink, Daniela Uribe and Erik Ornitz were asked the moment they stepped into the Harvard Innovation Labs early this year. “Hot water,” Fink answered. That’s right. Instead of working in computer science, diagnostics or artificial intelligence, the company the three friends have co-founded, named Lazy Bear Tea, is all about tea.

December 2017

If I knew Then... Read More

Boston-based CommonWealth Kitchen provides shared kitchens and business assistance to aspiring chef entrepreneurs, with the mission to help them build their companies, create jobs and improve access to healthy food.

December 2017

Scaling Impact: Equity, Access, and Opportunity in Boston’s Regional Food Economy Read More

Social innovators are working to address some of the most pressing challenges facing society --economic mobility, environmental resilience, community health, food insecurity, intergenerational poverty, and racial, social, and economic inequality. Rather than looking at each of these challenges in isolation, could a single innovative concept create a cascade of impact improving conditions across a multitude of vexing societal issues? That is what CommonWealth Kitchen (“CWK”) is working to figure out.

December 2017

Sweet success Read More

Two days before Thanksgiving, Teresa Maynard, founder of Sweet Teez Bakery, sounded happily frazzled. With her year-old business still a solo operation, she had created and delivered 200 apple and sweet potato mini-pies to Capital One Bank’s cafe in the Back Bay, each packaged in its own container to be given out as a free holiday treat.
November 2017

The business of food Read More

First piloted in Fall 2016, Food Biz 101 is an accelerator specially designed to address the nuts and bolts of starting a food-related business. Classes cover recipe scaling, cost of goods, labeling regulations, licensing and permitting as well as business practices such as public relations, marketing and entity formation.

November 2017

Sam Adams opens new tap room featuring exclusive 'New England IPA,' other craft beers Read More

Other spunky brews include the American Kriek and Nitro Fat Jack - a double pumpkin beer made using hundreds of pumpkins brought over from the Commonwealth Kitchen location across the street from the brewery.

November 2017

What to Eat (and Drink) This Weekend Read More

If you find yourself on the Freedom Trail, Saus’ snack shack is open late, and this weekend it has a poutine special featuring Buenas’ chimichurri, with proceeds going to that pop-up’s Bow Market Indiegogo campaign. Friends in food are friends indeed.

November 2017

Buenas is coming to Somerville’s Bow Market Read More

Five years ago, Melissa Stefanini and her boyfriend Sebastian Galvez moved from Miami to Los Angeles.  Coming from South American families, they were searching for foods they ate with their families. Though they found really good Mexican food, remembers Stefanini, they couldn’t find any of the foods they were used to.

November 2017

Help Empanadas Come to Bow Market in Somerville Read More

An empanada pop-up will soon turn permanent with a shop in Somerville’s forthcoming Bow Market, and the duo behind it just launched a crowdfunding campaign to help cushion some of the costs associated with opening a restaurant. Buenas is the work of Melissa Stefanini and Sebastian Galvez (aka Nini and Bass), who shared detailed explanations on Indiegogo about what they’ll need to set up shop in Union Square.

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