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CommonWealth Kitchen helps our members grow from business idea, through business set-up and permitting, to starting production at our facility, with ongoing support throughout your time at CWK.

If you're interested in becoming a CWK member, the first step is to submit the interest form above. We will get back to you within a couple weeks with our full application packet. We accept applications on a rolling basis. While we would like to help everyone realize their dreams, we have a high volume of interested food businesses and cannot accept all of the interested applicants at this time.

Not ready to fill out the initial application? Want to come get a tour of the space? Come to one of our information sessions and tour the facility (see News & Events). 

Once we’ve reviewed your initial application, we’ll work with you through all the steps involved in starting your business: 


  • Food Testing (if needed)
  • ServSafe Manager Certification
  • Food Process Flow Plan
  • Recipe Scaling
  • Sourcing ingredients
  • Distribution
  • Health Department Permitting Process


  • Packaging for Your Product
  • Logo and Label Design
  • Label Printing
  • Food Safety Testing
  • Ingredient Labeling


  • Financial Analysis (pro-forma)
  • Business Plan
  • Establishing your Business Entity
  • Trademarking Your Name
  • Insurance
  • Website, Social Media, and Branding
Once you’ve worked through all the steps above, you’ll be a fully permitted food business ready to start production at CWK’s kitchens! As a CWK entrepreneur, we continue to help you grow and scale through:

  • Ongoing recipe development & scaling
  • Improving production flow in the kitchen
  • Sourcing ingredients
  • Working with distributors
  • Perfecting your pitch
  • Getting your product or service to market
  • Finding and hiring staff
  • Determining cost of goods
  • Access to capital


How much does it cost?
Click here to download our price list.
How long does the intake process take?
After you fill out the initial application process, you start the Full Application, and we review applicants every two months. After acceptance, the timeline is really up to you! It is based on your food testing needs, and the speed at which you incorporate, get insurance, figure out packaging and labeling, get ServSafe etc!
How do I know if I need ServSafe? And how do I sign up?
According to health code, each company operating out of our shared kitchens at CWK must have at least one ServSafe certified Person in Charge present at all times during production. To learn more about pricing, upcoming courses, and to register online, click here.

Thank you for signing up.

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